Grounding installation in Kyiv

Our company performs the following types of work on the installation of grounding at customer sites:

  • installation of grounding (grounding loop) of protective PE inside and outside buildings;
  • installation of grounding (grounding loop) of functional FE.

Grounding (ground loop) is installed as deep (up to 15-20 m) depending on the properties of the soil. When installing grounding (grounding loop) as a protective PE, it is necessary to increase the spreading resistance to 4 ohms.

Functional grounding FE is installed for the operation of electrical installations in certain specified conditions - server rooms of banks, security structures, IP telephony. In this case, it is necessary to bring the spreading resistance to 2 ohms.

The price for the installation of grounding (ground loop) depends on the choice of materials used, the composition of the soil.

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