How electrical installation works are performed in Kyiv

We perform post-warranty service under the contract, including:

  • scheduled electrical measurements in accordance with the schedule;
  • prompt elimination of emergency modes;
  • planned preventive maintenance;
  • repair and replacement of lighting systems.

Maintenance of electricity

We conclude a contract for the operational and technical maintenance of the enterprise's electrical economy with any subject of economic activity in the city of Kyiv. The price for the service will depend on the current state of the power grid. In this case, the company "SPETSMONTAZHSERVIS LLC" assumes full responsibility for the customer's electricity management and performs its permanent maintenance in accordance with the contract.

Electrical installation works are performed with high quality, while we carry out a careful selection of electrical equipment, electrical products and materials. The company provides the supply of electrical materials from reliable manufacturers whose price corresponds to quality. Electrical installation works are also influenced by the means and conditions of their implementation, in particular, the scheme of grounding and neutral mode, the correct use of RCDs, equipotential bonding devices, placement of electrical installations, equipment with fencing devices, means of protection and laying of conductive lines.

The set of activities for our electrical installation work in Kyiv and the region includes:

  • project and organizational part;
  • electrical installation works;
  • start-up and debugging works and tests;

The customer can choose both the entire complex of services and its separate parts. In any case, electrical installation work will be carried out in compliance with all the requirements of the governing documents:

  • Rules for the Arrangement of Electrical Installations;
  • Rules for the Safe Operation of Consumer Electrical Installations;
  • Rules for the Technical Operation of Consumer Electrical Installations;
  • State Building Standards.


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